Monday Music EP1

by J Xaverre

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Every monday for the past month or so I've been sticking a song up on Soundcloud. I'm mostly using it as a place to put out songs that were little sketches, or experiments, or something that didn't fit anywhere else. It's kind of a self imposed impetus to be creative, or at least clear out my sessions folder in Logic.

Every month or so, I'm gonna stick them up on Bandcamp as EPs. Pay what you like. Pay nothing at all! That is the beauty of gas. Here's some sleevenotes.

About 7 years ago I released a record under the name George Washington Brown I was trying to scratch a GBV/Shins/Emitt Rhodes/Thin Lizzy powerpop itch that I had, and largely succeeded. "No Big Deal" is a slight return to that. I’ve had the basic riff for years- possibly 20? Wow. Just never quite could commit to the cheesiness of it, but it stuck in my head. And since this is a sort of international clearinghouse of ideas, I thought maybe this is the best place. So, here it is in all it’s twin harmony guitar/I IV V Casitone rock beat glory. Again, I’ve tried not to overthink the production/mix etc. The too loud acoustics are my tribute to Todd Rundgren's "Couldn't I Just Tell You" (actually, the whole song is pretty much a 'tribute' to it). The drums are one SM58 in a rehearsal room at work. The vocals are done on an iPhone, FFS. But the general idea comes across. In my fantasies I always wanted to write & produce for other people, so maybe I had this in my back pocket in case I worked with Eric Carmen or something. Maybe it’ll still happen. Hit me up, Eric.

"Harmonograph"- I have a lot of John Fahey, open tuning guitar noodles on cassettes and hard drive, so if you're into them you're in luck.

"Recognizer" started when I recorded two minutes of myself playing drums in one of the rooms at my work. I liked the sound of the room and the kit, so just recorded it on my iPhone (hence it ramping up quite considerably tempo-wise). Later, I added some quick & dirty VST synths and vocals done on my laptop’s mic. Minimal editing, a lot of processing (easier to make something a bit trashy sound even more fucked up than try to make it slick. You can tell I’d been listening to BEAK>> and Add N To X.

"Almost"; Another RIYL guitar soli (John Fahey, Bola Sete etc). Apologies for the bad mix, playing, mastering etc. I'll get the hang of music soon enough.


released April 4, 2016

Played recorded and written by Pete Gofton.



all rights reserved


J Xaverre London, UK

Pete Gofton. He made an album as J Xaverre 11 years ago. He's just done another one. He also did stuff in-between, like.

Buy the first J Xaverre album here

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He was also in Kenickie & Frankie and the Heartstrings, but that's another story.
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